At Stores:

North Bay

San Francisco , East Bay & South Bay

  • Bi-Rite (both locations)
  • Other Avenues
  • Rainbow Grocery
  • Whole Foods (Franklin, Potrero, SoMa,)
  • Nourish Cafe
  • Piedmont Grocery
  • Alameda Natural Foods
  • Whole Foods Oakland
  • Mandela Food Cooperative
  • Good Life
  • Castro Whole Foods
  • Duc Loi
  • Berketly Bowl (both locations)
  • Safeway (Rockridge & Tassajara)
  • New Leaf (all locations)
  • Soquel Produce
  • 26th & Guerro market
  • Health Unlimted
  • Placerville Natural Foods
  • Staff of Life
  • Sunnyside Produce


Farmers Markets:

High Standards...

We are what you might call a nano business. All of the products you get from us are carefully crafted in small batches. We have very high standards, always using organic ingredients is just the beginning, we go beyond the organic norm. We research all of the ingredients that go into our products, from salt to produce. We source our produce as locally as possible, we partner with farmers in our own community of West Marin, and we do not go beyond our region in search of produce.

We ferment our Sauerkraut for a minimum of 6 weeks to insure a high vitamin and nutrient content . Our krauts are always fermented in ceramic crocks.... never plastic.

We refuse to be another mass producing food company that lets quality and creativity suffer in the lust for higher profits. The magical transformation of fermentation is our passion. We hope to inspire you not just to incorporate more of these incredible health restoring foods into your diet, but also to inspire a re-evolution, and connection to ecology. To encourage wild fermentation in your own kitchen is to take local food to the microscopic level, as the microorganisms in your home and garden are different from those of your neighbor. We hope to inspire you to ferment vegetables from your own garden or neighborhood farm.